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How much do you really know about what works for your body? Maybe you have tried a few diets and found that some feel better than others, but do you know how the exact foods you are eating are impacting your hormones, energy and weight? What about how your lifestyle habits could be reducing your productivity and output?

Delve deeper to uncover the interconnectedness of your choices and their cascading effects on your well-being.

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I’ve always believed every body is different, and so we need to look at them that way.

As Functional Nutrition Practitioner and Biohacking Health coach, I use my understanding of the human body combined with the newest technology and science combined to empower others to understand their unique health, and how to optimize it. 

My coaching will help you to optimize your hormones to work for you, repair your gut health so you don't even notice it and give you the tools to prevent burnout in the stressful society we live in.

Testimonials From Past Clients

"After two decades in an executive role, I noticed my cognitive sharpness waning. I turned to Tess with concerns about my brain health. In just a few sessions, she showed me how my glucose levels were impacting my inflammation and guided me on better brain nutrition. The difference was remarkable. Identifying and addressing the root cause has given me a renewed sense of clarity."

Executive @ Farmacias Similares

"I came to Tess wanting to improve my overall health. I had been working out consistently but I felt I hit a huge road block that I couldn’t break through. After just 1 month of working with Tess I was able to lose 2% of my body fat and completely understand the piece that I was missing which was my glucose levels. It was a game changing process for my energy, body composition and longevity."

Executive at Pepsi

"Tess is very knowledgable and great at sorting through the data and making it usable and accessible! I felt like we were true partners in my health and even detectives at one point as we drilled down into a few of the results and why they were that way and what we could do about it. It was incredible working with Tess in this process of understanding my body better for the first time."

Louan, Ultra Marathon Runner
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