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I'm Tess

and I help executives achieve higher performance through metabolic health.

As a certified Functional Nutrition practitioner and cofounder of Habits.ai. I've helped countless executives and high-achievers unlock their full potential by optimizing their physical, mental, and emotional energy. Through my proven Fuel Your Ambition framework, I'll guide you to develop the habits, mindset, and strategies you need to excel in both your personal and professional life, without sacrificing your well-being.

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Fuel Your Ambition Coaching

Fuel Your Ambition is a comprehensive energy optimization program designed specifically for executives and high-achievers who want to take their performance to the next level.

Fuel Your Ambition Private 6-Week Coaching

  • Tailored to uncover and address your unique metabolic needs.
  • Optimize your hormones, repair your gut health, and equip yourself with tools to prevent burnout.
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Fuel Your Ambition 4-Week Group Coaching

  • Collaborate and grow with like-minded individuals seeking to elevate their health and productivity.
  • Structured sessions focused on real-time metabolic tracking and lifestyle adjustments.
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