Every body is unique and there is no one size fits all approach to health. If you see that, run!


Investing in your health just for short term gains is going to leave you on a diet rollercoaster. Investing in knowledge for long term health is investing in your future.


We have incredible technology and science available to us, it's all about learning how to understand and implement it.



I am a Certified Functional Nutrition Practitioner, Biohacking Health Coach and  Certified ACE Personal Trainer. I began my journey as a Biohacker Trainer at the mecca of biohacking, Bulletproof Upgrade Labs Los Angeles. I am the Founder of Hacked Healthy coaching and the Co-founder of Habits.ai which is working to change the metabolic health of Latin America through data and hig  level behavioral change.



A few years ago I had a huge breakthrough.

After working in the modeling industry for over 10 years, being on crazy diets and doing hours of cardio every day to be thin, I decided that beating my body up was neither attainable nor healthy long term.

I decided to quit the crazy world of fashion and become a biohacking trainer at the first ever biohacking facility in the world located in Los Angeles, CA.

There, I worked with and trained hundreds of clients on the most cutting-edge health devices on the market. It was there that I started to see my clients improving not just their body weight, but also their energy levels, inflammation, brain health, pain levels and so much more. I found it fascinating!

I decided to take that knowledge and start my own coaching practice utilizing wearable technology to help people understand and optimize their health on a new level.

My passion is driven through helping my clients to really understand themselves and become the expert of their own bodies.

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"After two decades in an executive role, I noticed my cognitive sharpness waning. I turned to Tess with concerns about my brain health. In just a few sessions, she showed me how my glucose levels were impacting my inflammation and guided me on better brain nutrition. The difference was remarkable. Identifying and addressing the root cause has given me a renewed sense of clarity."

Executive @ Farmacias Similares

"I came to Tess wanting to improve my overall health. I had been working out consistently but I felt I hit a huge road block that I couldn’t break through. After just 1 month of working with Tess I was able to lose 2% of my body fat and completely understand the piece that I was missing which was my glucose levels. It was a game changing process for my energy, body composition and longevity."