Hello, I'm Tess Richardson.

I am a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Certified ACE Personal Trainer and a former Biohacker Trainer at the mecca of biohacking, Bulletproof Upgrade Labs Los Angeles. I am the founder of Hacked Healthy and work with clients around the world on utilizing biohacking and biotech devices to up-level their health.


My Story


A few years ago I had a huge breakthrough. After working in the modeling industry for over 10 years, being on crazy diets and doing hours of cardio every day to be thin, I decided that beating my body up was neither attainable nor healthy long term. I decided to quit the crazy world of fashion and become a biohacking trainer at the first ever biohacking facility in the world located in Los Angeles, CA. There, I worked with and trained hundreds of clients on the most cutting-edge health devices on the market. It was there that I started to see my clients improving not just their body weight, but also their energy levels, inflammation, brain health, pain levels and so much more. I found it fascinating! I finally saw that there were so many more methods to health than killing oneself in the gym or being on low calorie diets. By targeting the underlying problems with specific biohacks, my clients were becoming healthier and happier every day and being able to achieve their goals more efficiently. 

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