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Is your ambition high, but your body and brain are running on fumes?

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Stop the Energy Crashes, Sharpen Your Focus, Build Metabolic Resilience

Ready to take your health and business to the next level, but think you don't have the time?

In my Fuel Your Ambition Program with just a few minutes a day you'll:

  1. Master your metabolism with actionable biohacks
  2. Sustain high productivity throughout the day
  3. Go beyond weight loss and embrace lifelong health 
  4. See a clear return on investment in your output and productivity 
  5. Invest in your future and feel unrestricted in the process

Hi, I'm Tess.

I'm a Functional Nutrition Practitioner, Biohacking Health Coach and Co-founder of Habits.ai, one of the leading blood glucose apps in Latin America.

I coach Executives and Entrepreneurs on how to utilize technology and tools to optimize their health efficiently.

My 3-Step Process:  

    1. Data-Driven Analysis: Uncover your unique metabolic blueprint with advanced assessment tools.
    2. Personalized Biohacking Plan: Tailor-made strategies that fit your schedule and preferences.
    3. Work directly with Tess: Stay on track with dedicated coaching and accountability to keep you on track.

Fuel Your Ambition

8-week program specifically created for busy executives


You will recieve:

  • 8-week personalized biohacking coaching program:¬†Tailored strategies based on an analysis of your data, nutritional plans,¬†sleep optimization,¬†stress management,¬†and biohacking techniques.
  • 2 continuous glucose monitors (CGMs):¬†Gain real-time insight into your blood sugar fluctuations¬†and¬†energy levels throughout the day.
  • 1 advanced wearable tracker:¬†Monitor key metrics like sleep,¬†activity,¬†and heart rate to further personalize your biohacking plan.
  • 8 individual coaching sessions:¬†Work directly with a qualified biohacking coach to implement your personalized plan,¬†track progress,¬†and receive ongoing¬†accountability in the process
  • Biohacked¬†supplement recommendation:¬†Based on your individual needs and data analysis
  • Nutritional symptom analysis:¬†300+ question analysis to understand your unique metabolic needs
Ready to get more energy out of your body?

Testimonials From Executives

Oscar, Former Executive at Pharmaceutical Company

After two decades in an executive role, I noticed my cognitive sharpness waning. I turned to Tess with concerns about my brain health. In just a few sessions, she illuminated how my glucose levels were impacting inflammation and guided me on better brain nutrition. The difference was remarkable. After working with Tess, I'm in a better mood and when out of the blue I get grumpy, I can identify what is causing it. It usually has to do with sugar spikes, thank you Tess for showing me how to live a better life!


Luis, CEO and Founder of Energy Renewal Company

The biohacking coaching with Tess has helped me understand on a fundamental level de implications of not having my glucose regulated. Based in real data from the actual glucose spikes my blood was experiencing from my regular mostly vegan diet, I realized I was on my way of pre diabetes (present in my family hystory). Tess was able to work with me on a personalized diet considering my lifestyle and workout intensity. I gradually came back to healthy/organic animal protein and included some snacks, lifehacks and suplements that allowed me to feel energetic throughout my day, increase mind clarity, rise up my testosterone level and in general feel at my strongest.

Executive at Pepsi

I came to Tess wanting to improve my overall health. I had been working out consistently but I felt I hit a huge road block that I couldn’t break through. After just 1 month of working with Tess I was able to lose 2% of my body fat and completely understand the piece that I was missing which was my glucose levels. It was a game changing process for my energy, body composition and longevity.

Why continue to feel like you are not reaching your full potential?

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