4 Sets of Data Points Everyone Should Know For Optimal Health

Oct 05, 2021

How much do you know about what is happening inside your body? What about how your daily habits are affecting your mood, sleep, weight or gut?

By doing a deep dive into your health and understanding these four sets of data points about your body, you will be able to identify where you can improve your health and implement targeted bio-hacks into your daily routines easily. 

The 4 Sets of Data Points to Know

#1 Blood Glucose

Understanding your blood glucose levels by using a Continuous Blood Glucose Monitor and then being able to stabilize it with targeted bio-hacks can help you to gain access to your fat cells, stabilize energy dips throughout the day and even help you fall asleep faster at night.⁠

#2 Sleep Stages

Getting quality sleep with adequate Deep and REM sleep each night is vital for recovery, energy, cognitive function, muscle growth and more.  If you are not tracking how long you are spending in these high-quality sleep stages each night then you could be missing a big piece of optimal health.

#3 Gut Bacteria Levels 

Your gut regulates not only digestion, but also nutrient absorption, gene expression, neurotransmitters, weight management and more. Taking an at-home gut test can tell you how your bacteria are functioning and which ones you may be deficient in.⁠ Once you understand which bacteria you are low in, you can up-regulate them with probiotic strands or specific foods.

#4 Essential Nutrient Levels 

Most people understand macronutrients and how we need adequate amounts of proteins and fats in our diet but not many people look at their micronutrient levels on a regular basis. Micronutrients are vital to cell function. The micronutrient magnesium alone is necessary for over 300 enzyme functions in the body. Testing your micronutrient and vitamin levels once a year can be vital to optimizing health.⁠

How many of these data points do you know about your body?⁠ If you are interested in doing a deep dive into all of these data sets and understanding how to improve them based on your results, join our Track To Hack Superhuman Program Starting Jan 2nd 2022. Find out more about it on our programs page.


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